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NoteBook is a Tale of a unique Lovestory: Zaheer, Pranutan

By Tanveer Khatana Manchester: SKF(Salman Khan films) will be launching ”Pranutan Behl” and ”Zaheer Iqbal” in the upcoming film, titled Notebook. The film will be releasing worldwide on March 29, 2019. Salman Khan is known as the Godfather in Bollywood for introducing New Actors, Singers and Composers. Salman has previously …

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Moral & Strategic Victory of Pakistan: Why India Retreats

Mohammad Zainal Abedin, NY India’s excessive and overreaction after the annihilation of 19 soldiers by the Kashmiri freedom fighters inside the Brigade Headquarters of Uri in India-occupied Kashmir ultimately boomeranged India, particularly its ultra-propagandist Norendra Modi. Modi and his core internal backer RAW childishly roared, as if, Indian soldiers would …

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