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India: Nigerian students face racial asasult as UP CM Yogi Adityanath assumes charge

NEW DELHI – Four Nigerian students on Monday sustained severe injuries after a group of locals attacked them in Noida, days after hardliner chief minister Yogi Adityanath assumed office.

The shocking incident that trumpeted the arrival of bad days for foreigners happened in Noida, some 25 minutes drive from New Delhi.

According to the details, a group, comprising hundreds of locals, held a protest demanding all Africans living in Greater Noida region vacate their rented houses immediately.

The protest was triggered by the death of a class 12 student, who reportedly died of drug overdose, and five Nigerian students from the same neighbourhood were detained in connection with the case. The locals also claimed that the boy was seen spending time with these Nigerian students.

However, the Nigerian students were released owing to the lack of evidence. A shocking video of attack on Nigerian students also surfaced.

India, that brags much about liberalism and secularism not only faced shame for its enraged citizens thrashing Nigerian students, but a group of employees also gathered to protest against the alleged insult of Indian flag by a Chinese employee of Oppo outside its Noida office on Tuesday

Now the details of the event are not exactly clear, but the Chinese company is facing a major backlash with protests being held in front of its office. Even users on social media have not spared the company.

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