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Kaya The Band are Ready to Rock fans in UK after the Success Of “ Raanvaa”

Kaya The Band are Ready to Rock fans in UK after the Success Of “ Raanvaa”

By Tanveer Khatana

Manchester: “KAYA”The band are planning to rock their fans in UK after the success of their Album “Raanva”. The band features well-known musicians Afsheen Hayat,Emad Rahman and Russell Owen D’souza.

The band has a unique sound, which is a blend of spiritual, rock, pop, ethnic and world music, drawing on the varied backgrounds of the artists who have years of diverse local and international experience in music and performance.

KAYA’s members are all accomplished and brilliant artists in their own way. Afsheen Hayat, the band vocalist is a versatile female singer who sings in different languages and genres like Pop, Rock, Folk and Sub-Continental fusion. She is one of the founding member of the band.

Speaking exclusively to Radio Sangam, Singer Afsheen Hayat Said,”When I met Emad back in 2014 we both decided to work together as a band and we formed KAYA, Emad is music composer and producer, who has pursued music all his life and over the years he has created countless projects and collaborations with the country’s topmost musicians and acts. On the other hand, band member Russell Owen D’souza is also one of the top bassists of Pakistan, he has played with some of the best musicians locally and abroad”.

“I always feel very positive and energetic during our recording sessions and our performances because we all share our ideas and always listen to each other”. Afsheen further added.

Emad was all praises for his band members, “Afsheen is the only lead female vocalist of a Pakistani band at the moment, she has this unique vocal tone which is very rare, when we met for the first time I immediately decided that she is the voice that I was looking for. Russell is the groove of our band and I love his bass lines”

“Our album is much groovy because of Russell’s excellent bass playing, I met him long time back and we travelled a lot together to perform locally and internationally and that brings a perfect bounding between us. Working with Asif Iqbal the most senior sound engineer/Physicist is always an honor for me and we always enjoy working together. He Further added.

Speaking about the album Kaya Band Members said “We are very delighted that “ Raanva Album has been a mega success not only in Pakistan but internationally a pleasure working with EMI Pakistan and having this album out. Raavan is an album very close to our heart and hope that it resonates with the audience as well. ”

We think artists are without borders and through music we can spread peace and love that’s why we travelled together and did different collaborations around the globe.
We recently tour Europe and that was a really exciting experience working with Belgrade Chamber Orchestra, Says Afsheen. Kaya has performed in south Asian Rock fest representing Pakistan in Dhaka and also performed in Italy.
Afsheen and Emad working as a duo composer in different projects and recently worked together for the Film ‘Gender X’ by a German film maker Manolo Ty.
The album and videos have been released by EMI Pakistan.

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