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Life and Legacy Of Prophet Muhammad( PBUH): 6th Unity Seerah Confrence in Oldham

Life and Legacy Of Prophet Muhammad( PBUH): 6th Unity Seerah Confrence in Oldham

By Tanveer Khatana

Oldham: The sixth unity Seerah conference was organised by UKIM at the prestigious EIC (European Islam Centre) in Oldham to commemorate Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birthday.

The title of the confrence was “ one Prophet, one Ummah” as Muslims are united in one ummah and community. By their common testimony to the unity of God, theism r allegiance to the Prophet’s example, their performance of basic acts of worship and service to God. Within this unity there is also diversity, which can be seen in the development of various schools of jurisprudence or fiqah, offering different interpretations of Qur’an and hadith, and debates about the nature of political authority and spiritual leadership. Muslims have interpreted the paradigm of the Prophet in many ways, each emphasizing certain aspects of his life and teaching.

EIC Head Moulana Muhammed Iqbal while speaking to media said,”The confrence was aimed at bringing different school of thoughts at one platform, we invited Ulemas of different school of thought where they addressed a strong audience of over 700 people about Prophets Muhammad (PBUH) Life”

The confrence is about “Our love for the Prophet, peace be upon him, and his love for us, Prominent scholars lectured about important subjects such as the courage of the prophet, neighbors of the prophet, constitution of the prophet’ peace sanctuary, the peace movement of the prophet and wars, prophet the teacher of manners and etiquettes, war and peace in the life of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, dealing with common objections against Prophet Muhammad”. He further added

The speeches at the Seerah confrence were delivered by Qari Manzoor Shakir, Mufti Hilal Mahmood, Moulana Abdul Shakoor Qadri, Moulana Shams ur Rahman, Moulana Hamood ur Rahman and Hammad Ur Rahman.

The head of UKIM UK Sikander Mirza thanked Ulema, Mashaikh, scholars and other member of community for attending the event.
He said,” we are delighted by the response we have received, The aim is to provide community an opportunity where they can take guidance from the speeches delivered by various Ulema in the Seerah Conference, as it highlights different aspects of the life of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)”.

A group Of Young students from EIC and Young Naat Khawan Talha Tariq performed Nasheed and Naat during the confrence. The confrence was attended by professionals from different walks of life, Ex Mayors Of Oldham Ateeq Ur Rahman And Fida Hussain, Mayor Of Oldham Councillor Zaman. More than 700 people including kids and sisters attended Seerah Confrence.

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