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Pakistani cricketers most hilarious incident on a flight

By Tanveer Khatana

Manchester: In an exclusive online interaction with this scribe the explosive Pakistani Batsman Sohaib Maqsood made some interesting and funny revelations about Pakistani Cricket team mates.

Maqsood started his career as a bowler and eventually turned out to make his name in the batting world. Opening up about his friendship with tall Pakistani fast bowler Mohammed irfan, Maqsood shares how they used to travel together all the time.

On their way to Zimbabwe during a flight they had the most funny incident, Sohaib revealed,” Irfan likes to interact with people in English, however he struggles at time. During the flight the air hostess came and asked me I would want anything to eat, I replied I will have it later. The air hostess asked Irfan who was sat next to me if he would want any thing, he replied same please. After 20 mins irfan asked me what have I ordered, I said, I told them I will have it later. Irfan replied,oh, I told them same as you. Can you ask them to get me something.”

In another incident during 2015 World Cup, we met an English couple. They looked at Irfan and said, oh My God you are so tall, irfan replies yes, yes. They asked him what do you do, Irfan replied yes, yes. Then they asked him what game do you play, irfan replied yes, yes. I said to irfan they are asking what game do you play and you are replying yes , yes. He said it’s fine.

Maqsood, who has represented Pakistan in 26 ODIs and 20 T20I is known for his explosive style of batting. He is often regarded as fine cricketer, however the 33 year old came under heavy criticism after his infamous helmet incident during 2015 World Cup.

Referring to the incident, Maqsood said,” I was abused on social media and even when I arrived at Lahore airport, people called me names.

“I was told by Misbah bahi to put a helmet on, I tried but the helmet was too small, my head could not fit in so Misbah bahi had to field at that position for 2 balls. After the over I had my own helmet and I fielded at that position for next ten overs and even took Smiths catch.”

Watch the full interview here….

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